D&G’s China show off over racist posts

Fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana has had to cancel a show in Shanghai after a row over racists posts.Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has called off a show after a backlash over racially insulting posts on its social media.
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The company on Wednesday apologised for insulting remarks about China it allegedly made in exchanges on Instagram but claimed its accounts had been hacked.

Chinese celebrities reacted angrily after screenshots of the conversations were posted on social media and several said they would boycott a D&G show scheduled for Wednesday night.

The company later said the show, an extravaganza meant as a tribute to China with Asian stars invited to take front-row seats, had been called off.

The screenshots appear to show co-founder Stefano Gabbana referring to China with crude terms and emoji as he defends promotional videos that had sparked controversy earlier.

Separately, the D&G Instagram account used offensive language in another exchange.

Dolce & Gabbana apologised on Instagram and said the accounts had been hacked. “We are very sorry for any distress caused by these unauthorised posts,” it said. “We have nothing but respect for China and the people of China.”

Zhang Ziyi, who starred in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, said on one of her social media accounts that the Italian brand had “disgraced itself”.

The studio for pop idol Karry Wang, an Asia-Pacific brand ambassador for D&G, said late on Wednesday that it had informed the fashion house that it would terminate all co-operation with the brand. Both Wang and Zhang had been invited to attend the event.

Stefano Gabbana also wrote on his Instagram that his account had been hacked, adding “I love China and Chinese culture. I’m sorry for what happened.”

The three promotional videos, which have been deleted from the company’s Weibo account, feature a Chinese woman using chopsticks to eat pizza and other Italian food. Many Chinese social media users called the videos racist and full of outdated stereotypes.

In a statement from Milan headquarters, designers Gabbana and Domenico Dolce said, “What happened today was very unfortunate not only for us, but also for all the people who worked day and night to bring this event to life.”

The Shanghai extravaganza was to include 300 models previewing a new collection on a rotating stage, including super model Eva Herzigova and Isabella Fontana during a brand DNA section, and a line-up of millennial stars and influencers for a second section dedicated to the future.

The final part of the show was to be dedicated to Asia, with Asian models and a front row of Asian stars among the 1000 invited guests, including actor Darren Wang, actor Jing Kang Liang, singer Stan Young and actress Bing Bing Lee, along with Wang and Zhang.

Asia, and China in particular, is key to European luxury brands’ success. A recent study by Bain consultancy said one-third of all high-end purchases are made by Chinese consumers, shopping both at home and abroad. That is expected to rise to 46 per cent by 2025, fuelled especially by millennials and generation Z teens.

D&G has 44 boutiques in China, including four in Shanghai, having entered the Chinese market in Hangzhou in 2005.

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Sutton to get NRL swan song in 2019

John Sutton will get a chance to further etch his name in South Sydney folklore after signing a one-year NRL contract extension.
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The 34-year-old will be given a fitting swan song after finally putting pen to paper on a new deal, which will see him extend his career into a 16th season.

He became the first player in the history of the foundation club to break through the 300-game mark earlier this year.

Sutton, who captained the club to their 2014 premiership breakthrough, goes into 2019 with 309 games to his credit – almost 100 games more than Souths’ second-most capped player Nathan Merritt (218).

“I couldn’t be happier about having the opportunity to play another season with Souths,” Sutton said.

“It’s my dream job and I feel privileged to have the chance to play rugby league for a living with a club like this.

“I love the Rabbitohs, I love playing for the members and the fans, and I can’t wait to get back to training and ripping in to get ready for the season ahead.”

The veteran back-rower found a new lease on life in 2018 to play some of the best football of his career.

Despite the willingness of both parties to sign a new deal, contract negotiations dragged on for months, fuelling questions about whether he would be forced into retirement.

A Kensington United and La Perouse junior, Sutton is one of the club’s favourite sons and in July was honoured with a mural at Kensington Park to celebrate his 300-game milestone.

“John Sutton is our longest-serving player, our most capped player with over 300 NRL games, and was the captain of our 2014 Premiership-winning team,” Souths general manager of football Shane Richardson said.

“To put it simply, he has earned legend status at South Sydney.

“I’ve known John and his family for nearly 15 years now and he has grown as a leader and player on the field and as a man, husband and father off the field in that time.

“He played some of the best football of his career in 2018 and he has earned another season at the Rabbitohs.”

The Rabbitohs on Thursday released prop Zane Musgrove to take up a three-year deal with the Wests Tigers.

The Rabbitohs were believed to be under salary cap pressure with Musgrove’s exit opening up the door for the club to re-sign Sutton.

Winger Robert Jennings remains the only member of this year’s Souths side still not contracted for next year.

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LFO singer Devin Lima dies of cancer at 41

Devin Lima, who was a singer with ’90s boy band LFO, has died after a 13-month battle with cancer.LFO singer Devin Lima has died after a year-long battle with stage 4 cancer, Variety has confirmed. He was 41.
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“My son has passed away,” his mother, Filomena Lima, told Us Weekly on Wednesday.

“His fiancee was living with him and let us know that he passed at 2:45 in the morning. He was struggling for 13 months since his cancer diagnosis. The family is not good.”

TMZ first reported the news.

The boy band, which gained popularity in the 1990s, consisted of Lima and Brad Fischetti. The pop group was initially a trio, with lead singer Rich Cronin, but disbanded in 2010 after his death to leukaemia at the age of 35.

Lima (born Harold Lima) and Fischetti reunited and resumed touring in 2017. They recently released their first new song in 15 years, Perfect 10.

The duo was set to commence touring earlier this year, but put their plans on hold when Lima was hospitalised in late 2017 after doctors discovered a tumour “the size of a football” on his adrenal gland. The cancer spread to Lima’s kidney, which had to be removed.

“I wish we had better news to share,” Fischetti said in October 2017, upon delivering the diagnosis to fans via a YouTube video.

“It’s devastating news, but at the same time, there’s nobody I know stronger than Devin Lima. No one has a stronger body, mind, or soul, and if anybody can defeat this, it’s Devin.”

Lima joined the band in 1999, replacing band member Brian Gillis (aka Brizz), who was with the group since its start in 1995.

LFO, which sold more than 4 million records worldwide, is best known for their hit songs Summer Girls, Girl on TV (the music video featured actress Jennifer Love Hewitt), and Every Other Time.

Their debut album, LFO, sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide, and scored two Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, with Summer Girls and Girl on TV. Their sophomore and final album, Life Is Good, debuted in 2001.

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Late shift sugary drinks a diabetes risk

Studies show sugary drinks consumed on the late shift could boost the risk of getting diabetes.Slurping down sugary soft drinks while working the late shift could be a recipe for increased diabetes risk, two new studies reveal.
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A Canadian study has found sugar-sweetened drinks pose a greater risk of Type 2 diabetes than most foods containing naturally-occurring sugar fructose, like fruit.

Meanwhile, research from the US has discovered shift work in combination with an unhealthy lifestyle poses a higher Type 2 diabetes risk than previously thought.

The sweetened drink study, by St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, found foods that add excess “nutrient-poor” energy to the diet, especially sweetened drinks, seem to have harmful effects on blood glucose levels.

By contrast, foods containing fructose sugars, like fruit and vegetables, did not have the same harmful effects.

“These findings might help guide recommendations on important food sources of fructose in the prevention and management of diabetes,” the study’s lead author Dr John Sievenpiper said.

For the study, the researchers analysed 155 studies that assessed the effect of different sources of fructose sugars on blood glucose levels in people with and without diabetes.

In the shift work study, researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston examined nurses to look at the combined impact of an unhealthy lifestyle and rotating night shift work on the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

The risk was deemed higher than when the two individual risks were simply added together, indicating that an interaction of the two factors added further risk.

Both studies, published by the BMJ medical journal, come after Diabetes UK said the number of children and young people with Type 2 diabetes in Britain was the highest it had ever been.

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Direct international flights between Auckland and Newcastle have begun

TOUCHDOWN: The first flight from Auckland to Newcastle arrives on Thursday night. It hit the tarmac about 8.45pm. Picture: Peter StoopNEWCASTLE Airport is no longer an aspiring international airport, it is one.
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But not without a few hiccups.

The first international flight from Auckland to Newcastle was delayed due to nearby bushfires, but it landed at the airport before 9pm on Thursday.

Then thefirst outbound flight to Auckland –flight VA199 – was delayedand then cancelled close to 11pm due to “technical difficulties”.

Passengers were told the plane needed to bechecked after a lightning strike during its earlier flight.

The outbound flight wasrescheduled to leave Newcastle Airportat 12.15pm Friday.

A Virgin spokesperson said the safety of passengers and crew was theirnumber one priority.

“Virgin flight VA198 from Newcastle to Auckland was delayed last night after it was struck by lightning before landing safely in Newcastle,” they said.

“Aircraft are designed to withstand and continue to fly safely when struck by lightning, however it is standard operating procedure that the aircraft is checked by an engineer after landing. The aircraft has now been cleared to return to service.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Newcastle Airport chief executive Peter Cock said the local Virgin crew worked tirelessly to source accommodation for all the passengers that required a bed on Thursday night.

“Understandably there is always high levels of occupancy for accommodation across the region when big events are being held, such as the V8 Supercars,” he said.

Despite the problems, the Hunter is now officiallyhome to the state’s second international airport.

The flights –the first servicing Aucklandin 16 years –mark thebeginning of a 13-week seasonal service operated by Virgin .

Prior to the problems, Dr Cock had said the official opening of the international gates wasa “momentous” occasion for the greater Hunter region, and the fruition of years of planning, persistence and patience.

“The significance of this iswhat it is going to do for the Newcastle region in terms of visitor economy,” he said.

“Our modelling suggests it is going to add over$6 million of value into the economy that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. That is significant for local businesses, and it starts fromthat international traffic.”

Passengers were welcomed into the $1.6 million international processing facilities for the first time on Thursday evening.

“It is something the airport has been aspiring to, and working towards, for many years,” Dr Cock said.

“We are no longer an aspiring international airport, we are an international airport.”

Passengers on-board the Boeing 737-800 from Auckland were welcomed by local tourism,industry and government representatives after it arrived about8.45pm.

Annette Piercy was on the first flight from Auckland.

She said she was keen to see what the region hadto offer “Kiwi travellers”.

“This is a business trip to explore the region, and to see what experiences we can share with our New Zealand customers,” Ms Piercy said.

“If you want to go to the Hunter Valley or Port Stephens for the weekend, the direct flight makes this very accessible.”

Virgin will offer three direct international services between Auckland and Newcastle per week until February 17, 2019, withDr Cock predictingit couldbring up to6500 extra visitors to the region.

Theservice will operate over the peak holiday period with direct flights available every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until February 17.

“There has been really good collaboration between the tourism organisations within theregion,” Dr Cock said. “It has captured the imagination of people in the region, and it has brought everyone together with a common purpose for a common cause.”

Ittakes a lot of work to get an airline over the line. But it was something we knew the region needed, and something the people in theregion wanted.”

If the service proves successful in the next 13 weeks, it may continue.

“If we can make this work, I think it will give a lot of confidence to other airlines that people from the region will fly out of their own airport,” he said. “It is important that people use it. The more profitable it is, the more wecan start to try and get more aircraft times.”

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Christopher Mark Alabacos jailed for hitting 60-year-old man with metal pole

Newcastle courthouse. A MAN who repeatedly struck his 60-year-old neighbour with a metal pole after he was caught breaking into the victim’s unit at Hamilton South in Mayhas been jailed for a maximum of two years in Newcastle Local Court.
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Christopher Alabacos, also known as Christopher Brown, 35, was represented by solicitor Adrian Kiely when he appeared in court on Thursday for sentence after pleading guilty toreckless wounding, affray and break and enter.

A balaclava in his hand, Alabacos told people in the Neil Terrace units that he was “going to do a run in on old [victim’s name]” in the days before he forced his way into the victim’s unit and stole cash and a phone.

Another resident saw Alabacos leaving the unit and called out to the victim, who went inside and saw his property was missing.

He looked outside and saw Alabacos and Aiden James Ellison before arming himself with a metal pole and walking out to the courtyard.

Alabacos – also armed with a pole –rushed towards the victim, who raised his pole in a baseball stance. But as Alabacos continued towards him, the victim dropped his weapon and Alabacos punched him to the ground.

At one point the victim rose to his feet and hit Alabacos with the pole, before he was mercilessly bashed with the pole and kicked in the head.

“Dog scum, you think you’re better than me?” Alabacosyelled at the 60-year-old man. Magistrate David Price jailed Alabacos for a maximum of two years, with a non-parole period of 16 months on Thursday. He will be eligible for parole in November, 2019.

Ellisonpleaded guilty to affray after the DPP withdrew more serious charges and on Wednesday was sentenced to a nine month intensive corrections order, a form of custodial sentence served in the community.

Christopher Alabacos told the victim.

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Newcastle City Council says sorry for DA delays as Jeremy Bath predicts record year

The council says building activity continues to rise in Newcastle, though its website shows a 12 per cent dip in development applications this year. Picture: Simon McCarthy
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Newcastle City Council has apologised for taking longer to process development applications after what it says is a continued rise in building activity.

The council said on its website last week that the “current high volume of development applications is causing determination times to be longer than usual”, though a NewcastleHerald analysis shows the number of applications on the council’s online DA tracker fell 12 per cent in the first 11 months of thisyear.

The DA tracker shows 1547applications this year up to November 22, compared with 1761in the corresponding period last year and 1631in 2016.

A spokesperson said the council had determined 1300 DAs in 2015-16 with a combined value of $700 million, 1400 ($1 billion) in 2016-17 and 1400 ($1.1 billion) in 2017-18.

“So far, in the 2018-19 financial year, we have determined more than 500 DAs worth about $300 millionand are well on track to break last year’s record value,” the spokesperson said.

“We are currently processing more than 500 DAs worth more than $1 billion, and the size and complexity of the DAs coming in means they take longer to process.”

The online tracker contains 736 DAs lodged this financial year.

Market indicators showa sharp decline in building activity across since June, but council chief executive Jeremy Bath saidNewcastle was destined to“enjoy yet another record year for development”.

“In fact, this year we are expecting a 25 per cent increase in applications,” he said. “This sort of activity makes us the envy of not just the Hunter but the rest of the country.

“It’s inevitable with this sort of historic increase in workload that approval times will also increase.

“We believe it’s better to be up front with applicants about this workload rather than say nothing and create unrealistic expectations.”

The council website says:“Some timelines are outside of our control, such as waiting for additional information from applicants and referrals to third parties (such as State Government agencies).

“The existing DAs (500+) we currently have will take time to process. Many will not be finalised until 2019. Any new DAs lodged between now and Christmas are also unlikely to be processed until 2019.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and commit to the development of a more customer centric approach to applicants over the new year period.”

Lake Macquarie City Council said it had approved a record $1.16 billion in development last financial year.

“So far in 2018council has approved 2154 development applications with a total value just under $1 billion,” a spokesperson said.

“As at 26 November 2018, council is currently assessing a further 729 applications worth more than $706 million.”

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Socceroos squeeze coming for strikers

Tomi Juric has scored eight goals in his 41 international appearances for the Socceroos.Long-time Socceroos striker Tomi Juric could be bumped off the plane to the United Arab Emirates as Graham Arnold faces tough calls in his Asian Cup squad.
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Striker Juric is the most high-profile player in doubt for ‘s title defence.

Arnold has brought 41 players – including retiring legends Mile Jedinak and Tim Cahill – into three camps during his tenure to date, casting the net wide before January’s tournament.

And after a listless display against Lebanon, the math could be against Juric as he attempts to secure a spot in the 23-man squad.

Arnold must take three goalkeepers, and is likely to take eight defenders to provide cover for every place in the back line.

Five midfielders seem locked in – Aaron Mooy, Tom Rogic, Massimo Luongo, Jackson Irvine and Mustafa Amini – as well as four wide attackers; Mathew Leckie, Robbie Kruse, Awer Mabil and Scottish recruit Martin Boyle.

Barring injury, that leaves three places remaining and only two are guaranteed to be No.9s.

With four in the mix – Juric, Apostolos Giannou, Jamie Maclaren and Andrew Nabbout – something’s got to give.

And that’s before you begin to consider bolters like Craig Goodwin, unused World Cup attacker Dimi Petratos and recent debutant Jimmy Jeggo.

Should someone like Riley McGree, Terry Antonis or Adam Taggart push on with their A-League campaigns, the equation gets even tougher for Juric.

The 27-year-old hero of Western Sydney’s Asian Champions League triumph has just five starts this season at Swiss club Luzern and managed just one goal – against a second division side.

There’s no disputing Juric’s importance in helping secure a place at this year’s World Cup.

Since debuting in 2013, Juric has 41 caps for eight goals; five scored in crunch qualifiers on the road to Russia.

But like Bailey Wright, James Troisi and other stalwarts of the Ange Postecoglou era, a new coach’s style may leave him behind.

Arnold has stressed the importance of “speed and mobility” in his sides but denied that leaves Juric out of the mix.

“Tomi is quite mobile. He gives us a different dimension on how to play,” he said on Tuesday night.

“The system we’re playing with, the three nines … that system gives you flexibility, but it gives you speed and you can’t stop speed.”

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Population may hit 30 million by 2029: ABS

could add another five million people in the next 11 years, new statistics show.
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The country’s population is projected to reach 30 million between 2029 and 2033, the n Bureau of Statistics revealed on Thursday.

ABS demography director Anthony Grubb says the population could advance by five million in a quicker time than it did from 20 to 25 million.

Pushing ahead to 35 million could happen in 20 years’ time, while the highest possible projection for 2066 has the population at 49 million.

” could add a further 10 million to our current 25 million by the year 2043,” Mr Grubb said.

“However, under our higher range of fertility, mortality and migration assumptions, the population would reach 35 million five years earlier in 2038.”

The release of the figures comes at an interesting time following Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s plans to slash ‘s immigration cap.

Mr Morrison wants move new migrants to regional areas to avoid overcrowding in Melbourne and Sydney.

But the ABS figures suggest the percentage of people living in major cities will only rise.

Melbourne could jump to 6.2 million people by 2027 and make up 79 per cent of the state’s population, while Sydney would hang on as ‘s biggest city at 6.4 million.

But one projection has Melbourne toppling its northern metropolitan rival in population by 2031.

The projected population for Melbourne in 2066 is between 8.6 and 12.2 million, while Sydney’s would sit at 8.5 to 11.2 million.

Brisbane is set for a rise from 2.4 million to about three million by 2027.

A breakdown into states and territories revealed Queensland could hit six million by 2027, up from the current figure of 4.9 million.

The n Capital Territory will almost have a population the equal of Tasmania in nine years’ time, with the gap to be cut to as few as 35,000.

Modest jumps are predicted in the Northern Territory, Western and South in the next decade.

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Aussies to use lessons of World T20 pain

Meg Lanning says have the options needed to beat the Windies in their World T20 semi. are ready to employ lessons from their 2016 final defeat when they attempt to avenge that only-ever loss to West Indies in their Women’s World T20 semi-final in Antigua.
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The ns received a big boost in their bid to reach a fifth straight final when the tournament’s form player Alyssa Healy (concussion) got through a nets session unscathed and now faces only a final assessment hours before the match starts on Friday (7am AEDT).

The meeting will be the first between the two teams since the 2016 title match in India, where West Indies beat for the first time in nine attempts, chasing down 149 with three balls to spare.

It marked the Windies’ women’s first global trophy, and the first time since 2009 that the ns had dropped a women’s World Cup in either format.

“It did sting,” Healy told AAP of the 2016 final loss.

“Whilst it hurt a bit you’ve got to lose eventually. Unfortunately for us it was on the world stage in a big game.

“I think we’re just a more adaptable side now … That was an eye-opening occasion for us and (a lesson) for us to adapt and have a Plan B or C when teams are coming at us.”

That loss – combined with last year’s semi-final defeat to India in the one-day World Cup – sparked a change in ‘s approach to the short-form game.

Beth Mooney and Healy are given a license to hit at the top of the order, as is No.3 Ashleigh Gardner before the arrival of more conventional batting stars Meg Lanning and Ellyse Perry.

But West Indies will field the same dangerous top order they had in Kolkata in 2016.

For the hosts, Hayley Matthews has a tournament strike rate of 142.59, while Stefanie Taylor and Deandra Dottin are as powerful as ever, having taken the game away from the Aussies two years ago.

Stopping them will be the job of quicks Perry and Megan Schutt, who have all gone at less than a-run-a-ball for the tournament armed with more variations in their game.

“It’s a new game tomorrow,” n captain Lanning said.

“They’ve got plenty of x-factors. Dottin has been playing extremely well throughout with bat and ball.

“We’re very wary of them, we know when they’re on they’re very hard to stop, and we expect them to be on tomorrow.

“We feel like we’ve prepared very well and have the options there if we need them.”

Meanwhile Healy’s inclusion will be vital for , given she’s been player-of-the-match in all three of the team’s wins in the tournament – averaging 78.50 at a strike rate of 160.20

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Hunter Hero: Top fundraiser Emily Taylor stayed sober to support twin

SISTERS IN ARMS: Emily Taylor raised $10,000 for Calvary Mater Newcastle where her twin sister, Christina Milojeski, is receiving treatment for cancer. Picture: Marina NeilGiving up alcohol for a month was“pretty hard” for Gateshead’s Emily Taylor.
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But the cause she contributedto put it all in perspective, she said.

“Christina couldn’t drink becauseof the medicationshe was on.

“I thought if peoplecan do it longer than a month, thenI’ll be fine,” she said.

“It was a challenge and you feel good in accomplishing that.”

The 29-year-old property manager decided to take upthe Dry July challenge after her twin sister, ChristinaMilojeski,was diagnosed with stage fourbowel cancer in April.

Through the campaign Ms Taylor raised almost $10,000 for Calvary Mater Newcastle’s cancer unit, where her sister was undergoing chemotherapy.

Ms Taylor said her mission was supported byfriends and family,as well aswork colleagues.

“Itgave people something to do to contribute,” she said.

“It was going to alocal hospital, so it’s actuallygoing somewherewhere they have been and wherethey may need to go in thefuture.”

The impressive amount put her in the top 10 fundraisers in forthe 2018 Dry July campaign, which allows participants to raisemoney for cancer-related projects of their choosing.

“We are extremely grateful for participants’ fundraising efforts and dedication,” Mark Jeffrey, general manager ofCalvary Mater said.

“Thissupport has enabled Calvary Mater Newcastle to fund projects and equipment that assistour patients, their families and carers, toward a more comfortable experience during andfollowing their cancer treatment.

“On behalf of staff and patients at Calvary Mater Newcastle, we would like to thank everyone who kindly participated in this year’s Dry July challenge and supported our hospital.”

The combined$111,950 thehospitalreceived from’smonth of sobriety has enabled the oncologyunit to buy updated equipment, includingnew chairs for the day treatment centre, and beginrefurbishment of the melanoma waiting room.

Ms Taylor said she hopedher sister would not have to use the new items.

“Yeah, she is doing really well,” she said.

MsMilojeskirecently underwent the procedure to removeher tumourafter five months of chemotherapy.

“Shehad her big operation onOctober 18. It was a massive success, they arepretty confident they got it all,” Ms Taylor said.

“She has an appointment with theoncologist next week tofind outif she has to havemore chemo at theMater.”

Ms Taylor saidat the end of Julyshe“felt good” about her achievement, and had a well-deserved beverage.

“I am partial to a Moscato.”

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Gilmore faces US duo in world title quest

Stephanie Gilmore will shoot for a seventh world surfing championship in Hawaii next week.American pair Sage Erickson and Alana Blanchard are the first obstacles in Stephanie Gilmore’s path as she aims to secure a seventh world surfing championship in Hawaii.
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Gilmore has been drawn against the two United States surfers in the opening round of next week’s season-ending Maui Pro.

If Gilmore reaches the semi-finals, she’ll claim the title and match Layne Beachley’s record of seven women’s world championships.

Gilmore, the defending event champion, holds a 6915-point lead over nearest rival Lakey Peterson in the title standings.

Blanchard, a former full-time tour competitor, is competing under a wildcard for the Maui Pro in what will be her first World Surf League event since giving birth to son Banks in January.

“I wouldn’t say I’m nervous but I’m just so excited and I need to settle down,” the 28-year-old said.

“It will be good to see everyone and to have the chance to surf such an amazing wave with just one other girl.”

Peterson has been drawn against fellow Americans Malia Manuel and Zoe McDougall in her opening heat.

The American must win the event to have any hope of forcing the world title into a surf-off.

The window for the Maui Pro begins on Monday AEDT, with Gilmore’s heat the third in the first round.


* Gilmore will win her seventh world title with a third or better at the Maui Pro

* If she finishes fifth or worse, Peterson must win the event to force a surf-off for the title

* In the event of a tie for any world title at the end of the season, the tied surfers will have a “surf-off” during the final event and the format will be determined by the Commissioner’s office.

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Mueller urges prison for Papadopoulos

US Special Counsel wants former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos’ (C) jail term to start.George Papadopoulos’ barrage of tweets, including accusing Alexander Downer and the n government of spying on him and seeking to undermine Donald Trump, could ensure he begins his US federal prison sentence next week.
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Papadopoulos is scheduled to surrender to the US Bureau of Prisons on Monday to serve a 14-day sentence for lying to the FBI.

The former Trump campaign aide, however, has asked a judge to delay the sentence until separate court proceedings challenging the constitutionality of US Special Counsel Bob Mueller’s appointment is decided.

Mueller on Wednesday hit back at Papadopoulos’ attempts to delay the prison surrender, repeatedly citing Papadopoulos’ use of Twitter after pleading guilty to the FBI lying charge in the US District Court in Washington DC on September 7.

“Following the defendant’s sentencing, he made a variety of public statements that appear to be inconsistent with his stated acceptance of responsibility at sentencing,” Mueller’s legal team wrote in their reply to Papadopoulos’ motion to continue bail.

“For example, on October 25, 2018, the defendant publicly tweeted that his prosecution constituted ‘the biggest case of entrapment!’

“Appearing on a national television show the next day, the defendant stated that he was ‘considering withdrawing his agreement’ because he should not ‘have to serve even one day in jail for something that now it seems was completely orchestrated and I was framed’.”

Papadopoulos claims he was pulled into a plot involving Downer, the n government and UK government to undermine Trump.

Downer has denied Papadopoulos’ claims.

In May 2016, six months before Trump’s presidential election win over Hillary Clinton, Papadopoulos met with then n high commissioner to the UK Downer at a London wine bar.

Downer claims during the drinks session Papadopoulos said “the Russians might use material that they have on Hillary Clinton in the lead-up to the election, which may be damaging”.

Mr Downer, in an interview with The n newspaper earlier this year, said he reported the information to Canberra.

The information about a potential Russian dirt file on Clinton has been credited with launching the FBI investigation that led to the Mueller probe into Russia’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election.

Papadopoulos admitted at his sentencing he lied to the FBI about his interactions with “a female Russian national” and Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor whom Papadopoulos “understood to have significant ties to the Russian government”.

Mueller reminded the judge that Papadopoulos had signed a “favourable” plea agreement and urged him to send the 31-year-old from Chicago off to jail.

“The defendant received what he bargained for, and holding him to it is not a hardship,” Mueller’s legal team wrote.

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