You shall not pass: The weir crossing at Barnsley. Picture: Mark Delaney.RESIDENTS have called on Lake Macquarie City Council to share its plans for the future of the weir crossing at Barnsley, saying they fear long term disruption if the structure fails.

Engineering geologist and The Weir Road resident Mark Delaney said the single lane crossing had been closed since November 13, requiring those travelling a few hundred metres to Barnsley to take a 12 kilometre detour.

“We’ve got an antiquated structure that would not meet today’s engineering standards whatsoever and is not particularly safe,” he said.

“They need to put in a bridge or more substantial two lane structure.

“What they have now is not going to last the distance if heavy trucks keep using it.

“It will end up failing and we’ll be in the situation where if the council does not have plans for a replacement in place and is working towards that, it could be shut for six months or a year.”

A spokesperson for the council said it was “undertaking a study to determine options for maintenance, replacement or other alternatives”.

They said it may also impose a traffic load limit.

The spokespersonsaid the council had closed the road to “undertake a programmed structural assessment of the weir”.

“During the investigation, a large void was identified below the concrete deck.

“Council is currently determining an appropriate work methodology to fill the void with grout.

“Council is waiting for the arrival of specialist equipment.

“The weir will remain closed until works are complete and the grout reaches the required strength.

“It is likely to be closed until next week as a minimum.”