Cadre Coffee: Barista Laura Roberts on the job. Picture: Simone De PeakCadre Coffee, Harris Farm Markets, 227 Darby St, Cooks Hill. Daily 6am-5:30pm.

It is a place where anybody in search of sustenance can consummate their love of all things delicious.

The new Harris Farm Markets in Cooks Hill have lovingly devoted separate sections of their floor space to layers of the healthy eating pyramid.

Meat. Grains. Fish. Nuts. Cheese.

Over near the milk bar, where single herd cows milk is tap poured into vintage glass bottles, all you need to do for a freshly baked loaf of sourdough to appear from the ceiling is pull on a rope and wait for a rattle.

All of it looks irresistible and feels like we’ve all been spoilt – as though all of our passionate pursuits of the gourmet have suddenly been recognised and then converted into convenience.

These markets have arrived with their own in-house team of parking attendants who never seem to go home.

Halfway along the driveway entrance, just before you encounter these helpful aides, you will find a slightly more familiar form of assistance.Good coffee and a little courtyard to sip it in.

Other corners of this market might smell like a Parisian cheesemaker or look like a bakery from a Dickens novel, but we are still only shopping for groceries in good old Newcastle.

The more that things change and develop in this town, the more we are rewarded with espresso bars in which to escape from the pace of it.

Although their location may not appear to offer a respite from the crowds and the market hustle around them, a flavoursome escape is exactly what Cadre coffee is delivering to this location.

This coffee is locally roasted and traceable to the farm that it grew from. Better than that, it is a delicate, lightly roasted delight.

The seasonal blend roasted exclusively for Cadre combines Guatemalan and Colombian varietals, each of which can be attributed to the family members that cultivated them.

This genuine dedication to traceability reflects a philosophy that Cadre owners Shane Brunt and Graham Sincock apply to all of their sourcing purchases,to ensure that the farmers they deal with are treated ethically throughout the coffee production season.

Of course, there are always other, more sensory benefits associated with these sources.

A flat white ($4) tingles with sweet and fruity notes that offer a welcome contrast to darker or even some milder roasts around town. It might be served up amidst a whole bouquet of scents from the surrounding market place, but the aroma of this blend still stands out from the madding crowds.

The Cadre coffee brand may only be a few months young, but their association with the local Floozy Roasters ensures that their house blend and single origin coffees are certifiably premium grade.

Pomegranates, apples and blackberries may all be arriving in separate pallets inside, but in a Kenyan single origin from Kiringaya you can savour all three of these fruits in the one shot of espresso.

Irresistible and just too convenient.