SISTERS IN ARMS: Emily Taylor raised $10,000 for Calvary Mater Newcastle where her twin sister, Christina Milojeski, is receiving treatment for cancer. Picture: Marina NeilGiving up alcohol for a month was“pretty hard” for Gateshead’s Emily Taylor.

But the cause she contributedto put it all in perspective, she said.

“Christina couldn’t drink becauseof the medicationshe was on.

“I thought if peoplecan do it longer than a month, thenI’ll be fine,” she said.

“It was a challenge and you feel good in accomplishing that.”

The 29-year-old property manager decided to take upthe Dry July challenge after her twin sister, ChristinaMilojeski,was diagnosed with stage fourbowel cancer in April.

Through the campaign Ms Taylor raised almost $10,000 for Calvary Mater Newcastle’s cancer unit, where her sister was undergoing chemotherapy.

Ms Taylor said her mission was supported byfriends and family,as well aswork colleagues.

“Itgave people something to do to contribute,” she said.

“It was going to alocal hospital, so it’s actuallygoing somewherewhere they have been and wherethey may need to go in thefuture.”

The impressive amount put her in the top 10 fundraisers in forthe 2018 Dry July campaign, which allows participants to raisemoney for cancer-related projects of their choosing.

“We are extremely grateful for participants’ fundraising efforts and dedication,” Mark Jeffrey, general manager ofCalvary Mater said.

“Thissupport has enabled Calvary Mater Newcastle to fund projects and equipment that assistour patients, their families and carers, toward a more comfortable experience during andfollowing their cancer treatment.

“On behalf of staff and patients at Calvary Mater Newcastle, we would like to thank everyone who kindly participated in this year’s Dry July challenge and supported our hospital.”

The combined$111,950 thehospitalreceived from’smonth of sobriety has enabled the oncologyunit to buy updated equipment, includingnew chairs for the day treatment centre, and beginrefurbishment of the melanoma waiting room.

Ms Taylor said she hopedher sister would not have to use the new items.

“Yeah, she is doing really well,” she said.

MsMilojeskirecently underwent the procedure to removeher tumourafter five months of chemotherapy.

“Shehad her big operation onOctober 18. It was a massive success, they arepretty confident they got it all,” Ms Taylor said.

“She has an appointment with theoncologist next week tofind outif she has to havemore chemo at theMater.”

Ms Taylor saidat the end of Julyshe“felt good” about her achievement, and had a well-deserved beverage.

“I am partial to a Moscato.”