Artificial Intelligence: R2-D2 after tripping over the light rail tracks in Newcastle. Tram lines are great for people usinglight rail, but not so much for droids.

This recent photo shows the risks involved. R2-D2 came a cropper and was unable to get back up. Poor robot.

Cyclists will no doubt feel empathy, given one or two of their kind have had stackson the light rail track.

Topics hears adroid action group is gathering signatures for a petition to take to the city council.

Newcastle MP Tim Crakanthorp and cycling advocates recently raised concerns about the lack of a dedicated cycleway on Hunter Street. But what about a dedicated droid-way? Droids are a minority group who clearly need help. We know we can count on Tim to take the concerns of droids to Parliament.

We also read in the Herald on Thursday that Supercars will be given special treatment. The tram tracks will be covered up at Watt Street to prevent damage to racecars. This is clearly a case of droid discrimination.

Glen Fredericks, of Empire Coffee Co at Honeysuckle, is R2-D2’s owner and guardian. We reckon he’d be the most likely candidate to form a droid action group.

The droids will no doubt be accused of wanting the revitalisation of Newcastle to fail. But they’ve got Luke Skywalker, Yoda and The Force on their side. So they should be well equipped, as they seek fairness and justice in Newcastle and the wider galaxy.

Imagine if droid and cycling advocates joined forces. They could get some real change happening.

Like many people, we’re disappointed that there’s no dedicated cycling lane on Hunter Street. Our sense of disappointment now extends to the droid community.

Speaking of minority groups who need attention, we should spare a thought for cafes and other businesses in Newcastle outside the zone thatGlen has dubbed “Supercars City”.

With the big event on again this weekend, Glen’sbeen asked whether it’s worth coming to hiscafe or othersin Newcastle.

“Please do,” he said, adding that Hunter Street,Honeysuckle Drive and surrounding streetswill be quietif it’s anything like last year’s event.Hunter Street, he said, may as well havehad“tumbleweeds going down it”.

Last year, the thousands of spectators stayed insideSupercars City, spending little in eateries outside the event zone,Glen said.He has no beefwith this.

“The great thing is, people going to Supercars use public transport.If you’re thinking of coming into the Empire or any cafe or restaurant around here, come on in. There was stacks of parking last year. The streets were fairly clear.”

“Come to a cafe, get yourself brekky and enjoy the rest of Newcastle while everybody is packed into Supercars Citydoing their own thing.”

The TimeLordCultThe cult phenomenon that is Doctor Who will land in Wallsend on Saturday.

Whovians from far and wide will descend on the town’s Heroes and More store.

The time-traveling doctor has long held the fascination of discipleswho like nothing better than losing themselves in mysterious, fictional, parallel universes. Most fans would surely admit that thetime-travel theme is what most grips them about the long-running series. If you can find thetime, you might want to attend the event. It’llinclude specially ordered stock, trivia competitionsand prizes for best dressed. It runs from10am to2pm.

First EditionWhile we’re on the fantasy theme, we hear Cooks Hill Books has in its possession ann first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, published in 1997. The book was thefirst in theHarry Potterseries and JK Rowling’sdebut novel. It can be yours for $150.

Shopper RageCharlestown Square has a bag library.

“If you forget your re-usable bag, borrow one on us. If you have too many bags, leave them at the bag library for your fellow shoppers,” the shopping centre said on its Facebook page.

It added that the bag library was located on the ground floor atthe supermarket entrance.

Quite a few people were chuffed with this, saying in the commentsection that it was a cute idea. Some said it was helpful as they often forget their bags.

Funny thing is, though, you can get plastic bags at supermarkets for 15 cents. What’seven funnier is that there’sa lot of shopper rage in society about having to fork out 15 cents.Guess Charlestown Square is doing its bit to dampen this rage. With Christmas coming, that has to be a good thing.

Jodie Whittaker stars as Doctor Who.

A Harry Potter first edition.