ALAN Ackroyd (Short Takes 20/11) –supermarkets will eventually get lottery licensing and pharmaceuticals, ending small retailers in the suburbs.After 35 years in the meat industry I am getting out soon. I can’t see a future in small retail.One thing that bothers me most is all the small community groups and sports clubs that ask small retailers for sponsorship and discounts on sausages for their barbecueswon’t be able to get the same from supermarkets. Funnily I see the members of these organisations rarely support the local butcher.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayWHAT a circus.The mediaturned Renae Lawrence into some sort of pariah on her way home to . She’s a convicted drug runner.

Greg Stewart,WoodberryDONALD Trump has America cracking along.The people love him. I suggest this is because he is a very successful businessman and not a politician.I wonder how many of our cartoon heads have run a successful business. I’d imagine not too many.

Brad Hill,SingletonIN reply to Neville Aubrey (Short Takes 21/11) and “our convict origins”:I don’t know yours, but can assure you there is no convict in our family’s origins.

Colin Atkins,WyongCRICKET seem to have taken over the high ground in respect to ethical and fair play in all things. They should, by my reckoning, by now have sacked and dissociated itself from its Commonwealth Bank as sponsors.I believe the bank has not played in the spirit of the game, and as has been shown in the Royal Commission appears to be lacking in ethical behaviour, duplicitous in dealing withcustomers and, more generally, a deceitful organisation. To be blunt, I think it’s much better to scratch your ball than it is to have it ripped off.

Roger Peters,Cooks HillON A positive note, at least Renae Lawrence got home just in time for the Supercars (Herald 23/11). Pity about the residents of Newcastle East, who are leaving in droves to avoid all the noise and disruption as the cars roar past their doors and windows. As they say: collateral damage.

Ross Edmonds,WaratahGRAEME Tychsen (Short Takes 22/11)and Peter Sansom (Short Takes 20/11),get over it. The trains are gone, light rail is here. Newcastle West is not the end of the world. Forget the “global” rubbish.

Jim Cowburn,Garden SuburbWELLsaid, Steve Barnett (Short Takes 21/11). It’s the differences of opinion that make this page worth reading. Anyone who can string a sentence together and knows how to spell their own name can play. Whilst I have copped a couple of abusive anonymous phone calls, I’m yet to get a letter. Clearly I’m going tohave to try harder.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthI AM humbled by the support from Fingal Bay (Short Takes 21/11).As Oscar Wilde famously said, and you know it, Mr Barnett:be yourself becauseeveryone else is taken.

Mac Maguire,Charlestown