WHILENSW will be boosted with an extra 1500 police over the next four years, congratulations must go to one of our own. Congrats to Senior Constable Kath Emerson on taking out the prestigious title of Rotary NSW Police Officer of the year.

Charles Farley,Adamstown HeightsRESIDENTS of southern Lake Macquarie, might well feel pleased to have sewer connection, but will they feel the same when they get theirwater rates with $200 or moreper quarter in charges for it?

John Bonnyman,Fern BaySOfar I have only heard about the danger of light rail for push bikes. I believe there area lot more at risk includingpeople with walking aids, people who wear high heels, non-slip footwear and rubber car tyres. I expectyou will properly see council erect signs saying cross at your own risk.

Alan Ackroyd,HamiltonANOTHER example of the Labor-controlled council handing out taxpayers’ money with gay abandon (‘Council EBA gets flexible’, NewcastleHerald 20/11). They sack staff and give in to the unions. Still,if it can get some of them to do some work for nine days I believe it would be an improvement on the present ergonomic output.

Sandy Buchanan,LargsTO realise the size of the damage being done to the most vulnerable of our society, one only has to look at any number of current affairs shows highlighting the hardships, stresses andlosses of lifesavings brought about by shonky tradespeople, unscrupulous employers and scammers. This isnot to mention the activities uncovered by the financial royal commission. Worst of all, the cost of seeking justice for the majority of these people is completely out of their reach, begging onequestion: why isn’t everyone entitled to justice and a fair go in ?

Allan Earl, ThorntonGLADYSBerejiklianrecognisespeople have had enough of crowded roads schools and hospitals (‘States should have a say on migration’: Berejiklian population policy expert’, SMH 4/11). A cynic might suggest that this is pre-election rhetoric and that an immigration reduction of just 30,000 comes nowhere overcoming the increases implemented by the Howard government. The real danger is that politicians are ignoring the scientific advice on the impact of climate change. We are warned that it will be impossible to support the current population, let alone one that continues to grow.

Don Owers,DudleyI BELIEVE theNewcastle Heraldcartoons drawn by Pope show no respect for the position of n Prime Minister.These cartoons display massive distortions of political events.There are never any cartoons ridiculing the n Labor Party.The political imbalance displays a very poor reflection on impartial reporting.

Raymond Parkes,LambtonTHE POLLSWOULDyou stay or leave if a bushfire threatened your home?

Stay and defend 32%, Leave early because safety is most important68%